There are many reasons why this Website was created. The most important one is that (A) I am crazy about singing and entertaining. I have recorded songs originally recorded by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Neil Diamond, Andy Williams and a few other great singers because, and again there are many reasons. (1) These songs represent a great deal in my life, (2) They are all-time favourites, (3) I felt I could add just that little bit extra in places and (4) Because great songs like these cry out to be sung.

(B) I want to demonstrate to people in the music industry my versatility as a singer, hopefully prompting interest for new songs to be written, to be performed and recorded, re-inventing a genre that can never stay in the background for long. Therefore, to this end, I will always be interested in working with Bands, Songwriters, Producers and Music Venues on new or old projects.  Get in touch!

Booking George Ides 
Until such time when I become ridiculously famous, disgustingly overpaid, have an ego the size of Mount Everest and where only Phillip Green can afford to book me, I am available. Singing and performing is what I love to do so, if I can make a few pennies dong this, well, that has to be a good idea.  So yes, I would love to sing at Weddings, Pubs, Clubs and Private Functions.  For more information and fees, please go to my bookings’ page.

I am not a Tribute Singer. I have sung these songs with a fresh approach, I listen to the music, my heart flicks a switch and it all flows from there. Since April 2005, I have recorded on CD 30 songs of which two albums of 12 tracks are now ready for sale here (see Music Store). I am in the process of recording another couple of albums which will be available in due course. Watch this space or join my mailing list for updates.


I am currently working on producing another album which I hope to have completed soon. Re-singing these wonderful songs is quite an experience and a lot of fun. I am in no rush, that's for sure!

I have recently teamed up with a couple of songwriters, who have written several original songs especially for me, so we are busy working on these projects now, it's looking good! During the summer of 2008 I recorded a demo of my first ever brand new song entitled "My Little Girl". You can hear it at my showcase website (Link Below) it's great for weddings!

You can now find me on ITunes, MySpace, Facebook,Twitter and utube (links below).   For up-to-date information regarding live shows, new releases etc., please join my mailing list on the contact page.


Ol’ Brown Eyes is Here (Vol. 1)

Track Listing:
Now available for sale

1. New York, New York

2. Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Me

3. It's Now or Never

4. Where Do I Begin

5. Sweet Caroline

6. I've Got You Under My Skin

7. Everybody Loves

8. Stuck On You

9. Can't Take My Eyes off You

10. Forever in Blue Jeans

11. Memories Are Made of This

12. The Wonder of You


Ol’ Brown Eyes is Here (Vol. 2)

Track Listing:
Now available for sale

1. Somewhere There's A Someone

2. She’s Not You

3. Nice And Easy

4. I Have Dreamed

5. Song Sung Blue

6. A Winter’s Tale

7. Ain’t That A Kick in the head

8. a fool such as i

9. you make Me feel so young

10. in the misty moonlight

11. strangers in the night

12. my kind of town


Ol’ Brown Eyes is Here (Vol. 3)

Track Listing:
Available Soon!

1. That’s Amoré

2. Little Sister

3. the lady is a tramp

4. can you feel the love tonight

5. fly me to the moon

6. suspicious minds

7. you’re nobody til somebody loves you

8. something stupid

9. love changes everything

10. Sway

11. Let me try again

12. my way


To hear samples of these recordings please click here > My Showcase
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