George Ides performing, using specially produced pre - recorded soundtracks where a PA System is also provided, performing to a system of two (2) forty five minute live sets with two (2) half hour DJ intermission periods  £250.00. This system has a proven record of being very popular, although any other preferred system can be applied and quoted for.

Prices include VAT. Expenses relating to travel will be additional.

George Ides is a member of Equity performing union which includes personal liability and accident insurance. Members no: M00424888.

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Performing using musicians can also be arranged and quoted. The variations are such however that it would take a good many more pages to include. So let me just say, any occasion can be created, whether I sing with one piano player, 2/4/6/12/ up to a 24-piece band ,a price can be worked out using some of the most talented musicians around.  For me, as long as the music is playing, I would be happy in any situation. My repertoire (List of Songs) can be found at the Music Store page.  For special requests, try me.

That "Little Bit" Extra
George Ides singing duets with female vocalists or Swing dancing with beautiful dancers can also be arranged. Choose from specially selected, wonderfully talented artists who can perform individual sets if required. Fees will be determined by requirements.

I would be happy to talk to you about any plans you may have and you are always welcome to come down to one of my rehearsal days held in central London approximately four times per month. Why not have your own private audition? For dates, times and all other enquiries.

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